Rizal Pest Management (M) Sdn. Bhd. (1299742-P)


A Few Words About Us

Rizal Pest Management (M) Sdn. Bhd. is Malaysian local owned Bumiputra company offering pest management services for residential, commercial, industrial, oil & gas and government sector, either as a one-off treatments, or annual contracts. We has been in this business for more than 15 years, having established since 2004. Our stellar past track record has presented us with the opportunity to extend our services to our valued customers.

Our high commitment on spending more time needed, to ensure the offer that we give to our customers are the best quality option of pest control service. To get there, we willing to go for extra mile with personal friendly assistance that you won’t find when dealing with big pest control companies.

We want to be part of people that protecting our customers asset and business, as we recognize them as our PARTNER.


To provide quality, effective and environmentally friendly pest control and management services to all our customers aimed at protecting our customer’s property and promoting a healthy living environment.

With the support of our loyal customers, business associates and distributors, we are confident of gaining nationwide recognition. RPM will continue to grow and is committed to providing quality and effective pest management solutions to our customers.


1. To become the leading pest control company in Malaysia.

2. To establish more branches in major towns in Malaysia.


License No.

RPM is registered Pest Control Operator (PCO) with the Minister of Agriculture Malaysia (MOA)

All our pesticides applicator is certified as licensed Pesticides Applicator (PAL) and Assistant Pesticides Applicator (APAL)

Chemical used approved and are governed by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia (P.B.O.M)

All our pesticides applicator is certified as licensed OGSP-NIOSH and Working HIGH RISK-NIOSH

Membership No.

Member of Pest Control Association Malaysia (PCAM)

Member of Persatuan Peniaga Dan Usahawan KEJORA (PUPUK)

RPM also registered with the Minister of Finance Malaysia (M.O.F)


RPM also registered with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia