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  • Ants are social insects. Live in colonies that contain three castes- queens, workers and males.
  • Queens – lay eggs. Workers – sterile females, responsible for gathering food, feeding the brood and queen(s), and defending the nest.
  • Males- reproductive stage, dies after mating. Ants can be easily distinguished from termites by several characteristics.
  • Ant bodies appear constricted or pinched in at the waist (shaped like a figure below), while termites do not have the waist constriction.
  • Ants have elbowed antennae, while termites have straight, bead-like antennae. The forewings of ants are much larger than the hind wings. Termites’ wings are equal in size and shape.

ANTS management

1. Residual Spraying

  • Ants can be kept out of the house by applying an insecticide barrier around the exterior of the building.


  • To be effective baits must be placed in areas where ants frequent, eaten and be taken back to the nest.