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  • A number of bird species may cause nuisance or damage problems in urban areas. These include crows, house sparrows, pigeons and others.
  • House sparrows, pigeons, and crows cause problems around businesses, homes, public buildings and other structures because of their droppings, feeding, roosting, and nest building activities; associated public health concerns; and other factors.
  • Droppings in water may lead to algae growth and possibly fish kills, and water contamination poses health concerns, particularly when in municipal water supplies.

BIRDS management

1. Repellents

  • Tactile repellents are soft, sticky, nontoxic substances that discourage birds such as pigeons, crows, or house sparrows from perching on ledges, beams, or similar areas.
  • These are best placed on wide masking tape strips to facilitate removal and will be replaced periodically because dust and dirt coat the sticky surfaces.

2. Bird Spikes

  • Bird spikes can be used to protect ledges, signs, beams, chimneys, cutouts, security cameras, lights, column tops and more from roosting pigeons, gulls and other large problem birds.
  • Pest birds such as pigeons and gulls like a flat surface to land on bird spike prevent them from landing to gain a foothold.

3. Bird Nets

  • Bird netting is the strongest and most versatile bird exclusion system in the world.
  • Bird net denies pest bird’s access to literally any architectural configuration including courtyards, rooftops, overhangs, parking garages, etc.

4. RPM Bird Trap

  • This nonlethal control techniques is well worth the investment when considering the economic damage and health threats caused by large populations of birds.
  • This trap design has an upside down roof and four walls. All of it covered with strong netting to ensure any predators that tries to get in failed. In the middle of the upside down roof, there’s a ladder with steel wires. This trap also equipped with a door, so the operator can easily access the trap without taking it apart.
  • The best about this trap is the possibility to catch a lot of birds at the same time, and the more birds inside the trap, the more you catch…
  • It’s easy to assemble, dismantle, relocate, easy to maintain, and traps well.