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  • Snakes are legless reptile related to crocodiles and lizard. Their bodies are covered with scales and they can swallow other living things much bigger than their head.
  • Most snakes are timid creatures and they tend to avoid contact with human. They will only attack if cornered or provoked, in most instances, they attack as a form of defence.
  • However, there are also occurrences of snakes found in building compound and if you do come across one, it is highly recommended to contact the Fire or Wildlife Department for assistance.

SNAKES Management

  • There are a few things you can do to deter snakes:
    Trim grass regularly to keep it short.
    Keep wood, rock and debris from piling up.
    – Seal holes that snakes can hide in such as under the sheds, decks and walls.
    – Place fitting fences or walls around ponds as a deterrent.
    – Application of sulphur flake as a snake repellent around building perimeter, last for two to three months.